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Embroidery is a great option for professional-looking custom apparel, like polos, dress shirts, headwear and outerwear. Ask us today about our options!

how pricing works

garment selected

Economical to premium options.

We offer a wide range of garments including t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, crewnecks, golf polos, hats and more.

thread count

Keep things crisp and clean.

Typically based on the size or complexity of your design. We can help maximize your logo and your thread count.

order quantity

Volume based pricing.

Pricing structure that figures in discounts for large quantity purchases. The more you order, the lower the price per unit.


Caps & HATS

Printed Standard

Embroidery and hats were made for each other. We offer embroidery for many styles of toques, ball caps and more.

winter wear

Printed Standard

Embroidery is a great choice for heavier and thicker fabrics. Most winter garments are tailored to an embroidered patch.

Golf polos

By Request

Embroidery elevates any corporate attire instantly. We offer a wide range of premium polos to boost your brand even more.

things to consider

digitizing process

Free on wholesale orders

All graphics for embroidery orders need to be digitized. We may need to alter small and complex designs slightly to accommodate the embroidery process.

responsive logos

Less is more in embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, not all logos were created equally. Please consider a responsive logo to simplify your imprint.

size restrictions

On caps and hats

When embroidering hats, the print size is restricted. Large and complex designs need to be clean and crisp to digitize properly.

Embroidery gives a professional look to many garment styles. Ask us to help take your uniforms or winter gear to the next level!

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