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Over the last few years, we have been trial-and-erroring different tie-dye techniques in the quest for the perfect hand-dyed t-shirts. 

This summer, we developed a method that gives us a result that we truly love! Our collection is growing, and we now offer sizes Small-XXL in most of these pumped up shades. We are also going to give you a little peek at the recipes.... Check them out!

Violet -- 4 parts purple dye, 1 part royal dye, 1 part beige dye 

Blue -- all royal, all day, different levels of dilution

Mint -- 1 part forest, 2 parts sunshine

Pink -- 2 parts scarlet, 1 part purple, 1 part beige

Coral -- 2 parts tangerine orange, 1 part kelly, 1 part brilliant yellow. 

Let us know how yours turn out! 
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